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Coffee Theme

The ultimate destination to start your business model. Whether it’s an on-demand business model or other cloud-based services, Coffee Theme provides you with a ready-made solution to start any business. We provide solutions to support your online business strategy and achieve your growth and revenue goals. You would like to focus on your passion – that’s why you could team up with us. We are experts in web technologies, so you can stick to what you do best.


We created this applications with love and took the time to optimize every single bit. We are sure you will like it!

Video Streaming

Video Streaming Platform

The VStream platform deliver your videos seamlessly, instantly and everywhere with the fastest cloud based solution, you can be confident that your videos will start quickly and stream smoothly every time.

  • Complete Video CMS
  • Pixel Perfect UI
  • Best Technologies
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • OMDB Database
  • Amazon Cloud Services
  • PayPal Subscriptions
  • Lifetime Licence

Machine Learning Playground

A complete product to easily learn how to create artificial intelligence using machine learning process without the need for specific programming knowledge. All tools have been created to automate each step.

  • Frontend Website
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Machine Learning Web API
  • Videos from Generated Images
  • Three Products in One
  • The Best Way to Start
  • Automated All-In-One Tools
  • Easy to Use
Machine learning playground
Video Subscription

Video Subscription Platform

A complete Video CMS with awesome features. Videos, categories, keywords, blog, pages, themes, translations, subscriptions, payments, newsletter, social login, email templates, API, and much more.

  • Complete Video CMS
  • Design Quality
  • Best Technologies
  • Responsive & Touch Friendly
  • Subscriptions and Payments
  • Amazon Cloud Services
  • Profiles & Playlists
  • Easy to Translate

Arcade Games Platform

A complete arcade games platform supporting the latest and most advanced technologies. This amazing platform supports the most important game streams and allows you to import them all in just a few clicks.

  • Design Quality
  • Best Technologies
  • Amazing Features
  • Cross Platform & Responsive
  • One click Import
  • ROMs Emulator
  • HTML5, Embedded Games
  • Simple and Easily Customizable
Arcade Game Platform
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