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Video Streaming Platform

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The perfect way to start your own video streaming platform, very easy to use and allow you to manage all the details of your website..

You can choose to make your videos available for free or only for subscribers generating recurring payments.

This script is a complete CMS, coming with videos pages, categories, keywords, actors, simple pages, themes, full multi-language, Paypal recurring payments, mail-chimp newsletters, email templates, and much more…

Live demo and login details


  • admin:
  • password: password
  • user:
  • password: password

Paypal recurring payments

You can easily connect the website with PayPal to receive recurring payments, the Paypal API has been fully integrated in the script. The management of the subscription and its cancellation is done directly from the user’s account as well as the follow-up of the monthly invoices.

Payment testing

  • email:
  • password: qwer1234

Amazon S3 servers & Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers videos to your viewers with low latency and high transfer speeds. CloudFront is integrated with AWS Amazon S3 servers.

Amazon S3 is object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere and simply and securely store their data at a massive scale.

All these technologies have been fully integrated, so you can serve your videos from Amazon’s servers, without worrying about your web server space, and broadcast them anywhere in the world without any latency, exactly the same way as NetFlix, Amazon prime or Disney+.

Add unlimited videos and series

Full management of your video catalog:

  • Manage movies and series or whatever else
  • Supports many extensions: mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .ogg, .webm
  • Direct upload to amazon S3
  • Direct upload to your server or by FTP
  • Compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, or any other embedded code
  • Video link encryption
  • Complete multilingual management

You can add many different video extensions and host them on your own server by simple upload or FTP.

You can also serve them from Youtube, Vimeo or any other online platform or send them to amazon’s servers directly from the dashboard. This way you can use a classic web server to host your website and deliver your content from another Amazon cloud server.

You can easily encrypt video links from external sources such as Youtube or Vimeo so that they are completely hidden from your visitors.

You can manage movies as well as series by easily adding all episodes of a series. This is done in a very easy and intuitive way.

All this content is configurable by language, including images, descriptions, trailers or videos.


The OMDB database API has been fully integrated in the dashboard, making it easy to search and fetch any movie or series with a single click.

When you add a video from the OMDB database, a new page is created on your site and all the information is automatically pre-filled. So you don’t have to write the content of your website.

  • Title of the film or series
  • Automatic fetch of the original cover
  • Automatic fetch and creation of categories
  • Short or long description of the video
  • Automatic fetch and creation of actors
  • Average rating of the film or series
  • Year of production of the video
  • Length of the video
  • Places of production of the work
  • Awards won by the film or series (Oscars, etc.)

Categories, keywords, actors, pages

This script is a complete CMS that allows you to create unlimited content for your website. Add posts and pages to your site and use different layout to completely customize it.

Create category and keyword pages to include your videos and provide your visitors with selections of content from different categories on a single page.

All of this content are configurable by language.

Theme customisation and menus

A large number of settings in the administration allow you to customize your website as you wish, from the slider on the home page to the images and videos that appear in the background. You can add or remove the different sections in a totally unlimited way. For example, you can add a section of the most viewed movies, trends, categories of your choice or even keywords that you have created beforehand. You can also create selections of movies or series from different categories that you want to show together.

An intuitive drag-and-drop menu management system has also been included. This system is very convenient for creating any type of menu that can include the different pages you have created or the default pages used by the website. You can then integrate them in many places in your themes.

Moreover, each parameters are fully adjustable by language ! You can therefore decide to offer content and display totally different sections according to languages.

Statistics & Analytics

A very complete dashboard allows you to keep an eye on everything that happens on your website and provides you with many tools to analyze visitor behavior. And a notification system allows you to be easily informed when new registrations or payments are received.

View detailed statistics for your website and analyze the behavior of your users and subscribers. Easily view daily and monthly sales, recurring payments, subscriber locations, website activities and more…

SEO Optimization

Everything has been designed thinking to SEO optimization, from URLs to meta tags, content, structure, page load, languages, etc…

Meta and open graph tags are automatically generated for sharing on search engines and social platforms. You can configure pretty URLs for your videos as well as the title tag. You can easily generate a sitemap to help search engines index all your content or activate the cache to load your pages faster. (Caching is not enabled on the demo).

More Features

iOS and Android. Full support for mobile devices and automatic detection of these devices to use the device’s native player instead of the web player.

Integrated API. Easily create plugins for your video platform using the included API or allow your users to easily integrate your content into their own websites.

Mailchimp API. Keep in touch with your subscribers by adding them to your newsletter, connect your website to the Mailchimp API and send your newsletters automatically.

Cache system. Significantly improves site load time and reduces database load for a better user experience.

Full multilingual. Easily translate your website into your own language ! All strings in the system are translated to provide the best possible user experience!

Control panel. Manage everything from the dashboard ! Configure a large number of parameters, check statistics, manage users, reports, content, categories and much more, etc.

Pixel perfect design. Integrating the latest web technologies. Easily customizable and designed to integrate seamlessly with all devices.

User features. Registration, login, forgotten password, profile management, avatars, list of films to watch, subscription management, etc.

Video features. Add to favorites, full screen mode, star rating.

Premium support

Get personalized support by joining our communication channel on Slack. Ask for help with the installation of your product or contact us to add new features to your website or make other customizations.

5 reviews for Video Streaming Platform

  1. Cahide

    Really nice design

  2. Carlos (verified owner)

    Very complete, the backend is really good and the language management is easy, i recommend.

  3. Andres

  4. Marcelo

    good product

  5. Nico (verified owner)

    I had already bought the other site on codecanyon but this one is much better.

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